Kevin Bloody Wilson

Wed 2 Nov 2022 | 7pm

Live Nation presents Kevin Bloody Wilson

Kevin Bloody Wilson is revered around the globe for his Outback Aussie Outlaw take on life. He’s performed everywhere throughout his career, from outback pubs and shearing sheds to the hallowed halls of the London Palladium, packing out major venues wherever he performs.

An evening in the company of Kevin Bloody Wilson is must see for all of us desperately in need of some PC Pushback. Kev’s is not just a concert performance, it is a full-on event and an opportunity for all of us to tick off our bucket-list – see a ‘national institution’ in concert, done!

It’s been well documented that all of KBW’s non PC Bawdy Ballads contain an infectious singalong quality that stays with you forever. Kev’s FUPC World Tour Show includes a raft of brand new songs that are bound to have his audiences in stitches, from the opening tour title track, “FUPC”, to his unique take on on the worldwide #MeToo movement in his new fan singalong, ‘DIY Me Too!’ Just like “DILLIGAF”, “Dick’taphone”, “Hey Santa Claus” and “Living Next Door To Alan”, these newly crafted songs are guaranteed to become Kev Klassics. His music has helped define the Aussie humour.

Billy Connolly describes his little Aussie Mate as “The world’s funniest Australian”.

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