Important information about your tickets for Luisa Omielan’s ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’

  • 10th October 2017
  • Posted by Tyne Theatre & Opera House

Thank you for booking a ticket to Luisa Omielan’s ‘Am I Right Ladies?!’ on Thursday 26th October.

We would like to let you know that it will be a different show compared to the one which you may be expecting. In July this year, Luisa’s mother sadly passed away after a short but brutal battle with cancer. ‘Am I Right Ladies’ centres heavily around Luisa’s mum, and their relationship, and at this time it is difficult for Luisa to perform these particular routines on stage. 

A message from Luisa:

Hey guys, thanks so much for buying a ticket and supporting my live shows. I’m sorry but I can’t do the full ‘Am I Right Ladies’ show. It’s exhausting for me mentally and physically.

However, I still want to come out and perform some of the routines of the show for you, maybe some new stuff and I’d like to talk about my recent experiences – it’s funny, and poignant (I hope!).

I love doing comedy, I adore being on stage and my Mum wanted me to keep performing, so I will. I just want to be honest with you regarding the content. 

If you would prefer a refund, that’s fine, just contact the ticket supplier and this will be organised for you. For those of you who are still coming, thank you. I’m doing this for you, for my Mum and for my new tour manager – Bernie. We’ll see you soon. Xx 

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